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ClassDojo Merges with Other Olympiads to Offer Mentorship to American Kids

Every child needs at least a single great mentor in their life to offer advice and motivation that would completely change their lives. Mentors give easy but sure shortcuts that assist us in tracing our paths quickly. They even become role models. Life mentors are people of high levels or professions like professors or great business people and everyday characters in our lives, such as friends, relatives, job colleagues, and acquaintances. Life mentors come to influence us to change our life’s perception and live a better future. It only becomes interesting when mentorship comes from the least expected in the society: people living with a disability.

ClassDojo has partnered with the other U.S based Paralympic and Olympic teams to launch learning classes duped “Heart of a Champion.” The program offers kids in the United States an opportunity to sharpen their abilities and build up vital life skills despite their differences. The program is spearheaded by different premier athletic gold medalists in the USA.

The group of devoted Olympic and Paralympic Athletes that have come together with ClassDojo are enthusiastic experts. Their main plan is to offer all expertise and see the American child grow to excellence. A 31-year-old Diver and a father of three children, David Boudia, encourages the masses to take part in the ClassDojo program. He says that the best way of letting his kids grow is by exposing them to the mentorship of Olympians.

Endurance and perseverance build them into a people of integrity, values that each child should possess. In partnership with ClassDojo, several athletes will carry on specific disciplines. Sophia Herzog, the winner of the 2016 Rio Silver medal, will address diversity in her class.

On the other hand, David will take the kids through the topic of focus. As a diver, the ability to concentrate on one thing to the end yields success in diving games. He says that a slight loss of track would cost you the whole competition. Allyson Felix will also be present to teach a chapter in perseverance.