Haiti, Jovenel Moïse

Georgette Mulheir and The Passion For Service

Defend Haiti’s Democracy is a global group of human rights experts and activists. The goal of Georgette Mulheir establishing DHD is to garner international awareness and support for the people of Haiti. Ongoing political crisis in Haiti has not received significant attention through media outlets. Over the past three years, there has been an intensifying conflict between Haitian citizens and the collapsed government. With the current President of Haiti leading by decree, says Georgette Mulheir, authoritarianism is present and human rights are being abused. A recent report released by the International Human Rights Clinic reveals evidence of government-sanctioned killings, kidnappings, and many other crimes. These crimes are in direct violation of human rights; and this information will be presented during a conference aimed to advance the country’s possible crisis solutions. 


As for Georgette Mulheir, Haiti at a Crossroads Conference is a collaboration of Haitian Democracy, Harvard Law School, and the International Human Rights Clinic. As for Georgette Mulheir, the conference panel will discuss the human rights issues occurring in Haiti; as well as the economic and political conflicts. In order for everyday Haitians to see peace again, the abuse of power by the country’s president must be stopped. Johnny Celestin, North American Chairman for Defend Haiti Democracy, States that the constitution changed by referendum are illegal.

In addition, millions of Haitian citizens are being starved and exploited. DHD Founder Georgette Mulheir agrees. As an international leader, Georgette Mulheir has conducted successful work in more than 30 countries. This includes advisory positions, major donations, programs startups, and advocacy for the protection and care of children. While working with UNICEF in Sudan, Georgette Mulheir established protocols and a system for homeless babies. As a result, a new law was established to decriminalize Sudan’s single mothers. Mulheir is requested frequently as a public speaker and was recently named one of the world’s most influential social workers.