How Michael Capiraso is Bringing Virtual Fans to the New York Marathon Event

This year, just like last year, it will continue to be very hard to attend most of the events in the world today. This means that those who have been enjoying such events while physically attending such places will have to stay away from such events. It is not the most pleasing undertaking, but there is nothing that most people can do so that they can change the current trends in the pandemic.

The organizer of New York Road Runners, Michael Capiraso, has been trying to incorporate all the necessary and essential strategies that can easily change what has been happening. Such individuals know that it is very hard for the people in New York to continue living at home when there is an event that is taking place in their city. This is a challenging aspect that they have to live with for the time being unless a solution comes by.

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Michael Capiraso has been looking for some unique ways through which such issues can be addressed to make sure that everyone is enjoying the event. That is why he has gone ahead with other people who have been involved in this event to bring about innovative technology. Having an app will go a long way in changing the event, especially when it comes to the fans, which are usually left out during the pandemic.

As it stands, most of the race participants have been encouraged to make sure that they are sharing links with their contacts. This means that there are very many fans out there in the city that will be getting the link to the event in the city so that they can witness what will be happening in the streets. Michael Capiraso believes this is a welcome approach that will help in bringing virtual fans to enjoy the event.

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