Business Leader, Joseph Ashford

Joseph Ashford’s Interrogation: K4 Global’s Establisher

In 2014, Joseph Ashford developed K4 Global and is still the company’s chairman. K4 Global is based in London, and it applies a multi-dimensional approach that suits all the customers spread out globally. Before establishing K4 Global, he had worked in various companies holding different positions, and so has massive exposure in many industries. These experiences both as an executive and an employee gave him outstanding perspectives on how businesses work or function.

These standpoints are invaluable because Joseph Ashford guides K4 Global in ensuring the relevant assistance to the customers is rendered. K4 Global provides an array of services that shine a light on Joseph’s professionalism as well as the know-how in the team.

Joseph Ashford leads different projects targeted at concierge service, global linkage, pandemic and event management, public relations as well as deliberate marketing in London. K4 Global specializes in media businesses mostly in film and music productions alongside other undertakings. Joseph Ashford sits in PRCA and is eloquently speaks English, Spanish, and French.

Joseph thought of founding K4 Global because he wanted to modernize the media industry since other companies adopted the traditional approaches. K4 Global has a team of experts who are passionate enough to explore custom investment chances in other industries. Joseph has a perfectly organized day and also a productive one. Ashford does not believe that proper entrepreneurship means working for about 18 hours. He believes that productivity can only come if the right work-rest schedules are followed because family and social affairs need one’s attention.

Once Ashford develops a lucrative idea, he gathers his teams and shares it for brainstorming and evaluation on how best it can be actualized. Ashford encourages the team to replicate that mentality. Joseph is impressed with the emerging issue of social responsibility, and K4 global has taken a center stage in this issue.