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Peter Vitale: Parents in Michigan Should Encourage their Teenagers to Undertake Further Driving Courses

Most of the young drivers in Michigan are not interested in additional driving courses. There is a feeling that the most basic driving course is enough for most of them, and they do not need to undertake any additional training because it does not provide any benefit. This is something that Peter Vitale has been rejecting as he believes young drivers should always make sure they are undertaking further driving tests and courses to perfect their skills.

As Peter Vitale has been evaluating, it is very hard for most teenagers to have the commitment of undertaking multiple driving courses. This is not only a problem in Michigan but seems to be a recurring theme in various parts of the country. There are not very many strategies and policies that have been incorporated to help in offering the necessary solution to some of the issues that have been prevailing in the region for many years.

It is essential to indicate that additional driving courses are not mandatory that every other individual in Michigan needs to consider. This is the reason why there is no rule to enforce the issue of having some additional drivers training so that most of the individuals can have the right skills while on the road. Peter Vitale seems to be one of the few individuals who have been recommending the development of a new law that can handle the current issues.

Obviously, it will be very hard for states across the country to incorporate mandatory additional driving courses. However, if the number of accidents caused by most teenage drivers continues to increase, it is clear that most of the states will start looking for avenues to come up with some new rules and regulations. This is something that is likely to happen in Michigan in the next few years.

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