Solar Energy, Working Class

PosiGen Brings Solar Power to the Working Class with a Unique Twist

By combining solar power with energy efficiency, it can save 80% more to customers than a regular PPA. When the two businessmen entered the renewable energy market, they immediately noticed a hiatus: many working-class people pay taxes to fund government renewable energy programs but see no savings from solar energy. In Louisiana, where PosiGen resides, an estimated 85% of the population cannot use solar power because they do not have the creditworthiness to participate in a traditional third-party lease or the income to buy the system in full. Today, over 80 percent of PosiGen’s customers live in low-income census areas. 


How did PosiGen company get here? PosiGen’s recent success has been driven by the solar power business model and the proposal for large-scale energy efficiency improvements. Few companies like PosiGen have taken this approach. The road to where it is today was a bit bumpy. For various reasons, including decades of redlines, black and brown communities are disproportionately affected by climate change, including stronger heatwaves, more flooding, more frequent power outages, and higher air pollution (Greentechmedia). 


It is taking an important step to fill this gap and create a business model that others must do. The PosiGen model offers numerous benefits to communities as low-income residents gain access to solar energy, lower electricity bills, increase environmental benefits, and grow the local economy. PosiGen is fighting for people in every city to participate in the transition to renewable energy sources. It can inspire and educate others to ensure that underprivileged and colored communities are not left behind but rather help drive this transition forward and benefit from it. 

The new facility permits it to help more families by providing solar power to households that have traditionally not had access to its benefits. Decentralized generation is an integral part of the changing energy landscape, and residential solar space will continue to drive renewable energy growth and decarbonization. Before PosiGen arrived, solar panels were available only to the wealthy. PosiGen believes more people will invest in the technology because it is much affordable. The upgrades in the firm’s energy efficiency ensure that homes for customers are safe and clean. While solar has had a world impact, it is likewise playing a significant role in helping people live healthier and safer lives.