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SextPanther: Sexting in the times of COVID

The 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic brought the world to a standstill, including the sexual world. Dates, hook-ups all came to a halt and people were afraid to meet anyone new. Many dating apps had users proclaiming that they would not meet until after the pandemic. SextPanther, a company founded in 2014 has seen a rise in their content and user membership as they allow for a fun, casual dating app experience with the personal touch of created, personalized content from workers.

The app has the same benefits of anonymity as something like snapchat, where a user creates a profile and username and remains anonymous. Their membership and access to content is dictated by their credits earned and membership level. The added benefit is that the content creators are real, vetted performers and creators who give members a true to life, personal experience.

The app focused mostly on sexting, so users can feel free to let go of some of their pent up sexual angst during a time when hooking up just isn’t as feasible as it once was. Because members don’t have to share their phone numbers, this adds another layer of security while maintaining the integrity of the experience.

Content creators are paid directly from the site and are able to earn income privately, from home and at their leisure. It’s become not only a fun way to engage in sexual freedom during the times of COVID but has allowed people to slowly dip their toes back into the sexual scene as well as maintain a semblance of sexual health, identity and apatite. Refer to this article to learn more